ARCH Medical Solutions offers cutting-edge capabilities, service, and support

End-to-End Support

Cutting-edge capabilities, service, and support

ARCH Medical Solutions offers medical OEMs a complete and scalable range of resources to answer the need for precision-manufacturing expertise, production capacity, finishing services, and related supply chain integration.

Engineering and design assist

ARCH Medical Solutions works collaboratively with you as an extension of your engineering team. Our consolidated expertise elevates the performance and cost-efficiencies of the precision-manufactured medical parts, components, and assemblies we produce for you.

Materials expertise

For precision manufacturing in virtually any material, turn to the experts at ARCH Medical Solutions. We have decades of experience producing complex, precision-machined components in aluminum, plastics, and hard metals.

Additive manufacturing

Boasting more than a decade of experience in medical additive manufacturing, we are proficient in today's leading powder-bed fusion technologies on top-rated machines. Using additive technologies, we create lighter, stronger orthopedic implants and components while reducing material waste.

Precision machining

With scalable manufacturing capacity across multiple facilities nationwide, we answer your need for the reliable production of high-quality precision-machined medical components, assemblies, products, and related finishing services.

Finishing and assembly

ARCH Medical Solutions offers extensive value-added services to streamline your go-to-market process. From conceptualization to full production and packaging, our services include ultrasonic cleaning, bead blasting, laser marking, assembly, and more.

Quality assurance

We follow the stringent processes, procedures, and standards of the medical industry. Continuous improvement is among our core strategies, accounting for performance breakthroughs in quality assurance, value creation, and cost containment.

Transition sourcing

An important consideration in your growth as an evolving OEM is finding the right partner for your outsourced precision machining and assembly operations. ARCH Medical Solutions provides a proven process ensuring a smooth transition for your unique needs.

Supply chain

ARCH Medical Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of value-added services that brings competitive advantages to your outsourced contract medical manufacturing needs, including subassembly, inspection, certification, kitting, packaging, and just-in-time shipping.

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