Precision grinding of cutting tools, drills, reamers, and taps for medical OEMs

Medical Grinding

Precision grinding of surgical cutting instruments, drills, reamers, and taps

Achieve the tightest tolerances and highest quality in your surgical cutting instruments. Meeting the unique geometries of medical cutting tools and the strict standards of the medical industry, ARCH Medical Solutions manufactures a range of orthopedic surgical tools and instruments accurately and quickly. We are ISO:9001- and ISO:13485-certified to perform grinding work that puts our customers on the cutting edge in the medical industry.

Precision medical-grinding expertise
High quality surgical cutting tools

With a combined 200 years of experience, our medical grinding specialists design, manufacture, and implement solutions that answer the medical industry's call for cutting instruments with unique, complex geometries. ARCH Medical Grinding provides this expertise at multiple locations. We are highly proficient in flute grinding, drill point grinding, and thread grinding in all the medical grade stainless steel varieties.

Cannulated tools

In orthopedic or spine surgeries, many tools and instruments require straight, deep, accurate holes that only the industry's most capable manufacturers can achieve. Using the latest in gun drilling and cannulating technology, we accurately produce concentric or off-center holes that have the highest diameter-to-depth ratios possible.

Cannulated tools
Superior quality that meets medical standards
Quality inspection

Quality and precision are the driving factors in ground cutting tools. To ensure we meet the most demanding quality requirements, we employ a full range of tools and technologies, from conventional measuring instruments, optical comparators, and cutting tool inspection systems to automated universal measuring machines. Throughout the manufacturing process, we adhere to strict in-process inspection procedures and comprehensive final inspections to verify the quality of your cutting tools.

Cutting-edge equipment for surgical cutting tools
Surgical cutting tools

To efficiently manufacture effective cutting tools for medical OEMs, our skilled technicians operate the industry's most advanced equipment. Our CNC grinding machines produce the straightest, burn-free, burr-free medical tools of a quality that standard milling and turning machines cannot achieve. We augment our workforce with automated processes to reduce downtime and accelerate grinding cycles for fast, precise cuts.

Close-up cannulated tool
Tight tolerance surgical cutting tools
Cutting edge surgical tools
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