ARCH Medical Solutions ensures a smooth outsourcing process

Transition Sourcing

Ensuring a smooth outsourcing process

Transitioning your precision machining and assembly operations to a contract manufacturer is an important part of a medical OEM’s evolution. ARCH Medical Solutions streamlines the transition sourcing process. Our proven, unique approach ensures success, minimizes risk, and allows customers to focus on growing their business instead of spending capital on equipment. We step in as your contract manufacturer so your company can take a step up.

How transition sourcing helps you
Engineering team discussing part machining

Transition sourcing enables medical OEMs to reduce inventory and increase capacity. With ARCH Medical Solutions as your contract manufacturer, you can dedicate more manpower, equipment, and space to new or alternative product lines. Our precision machining and manufacturing meets OEMs’ existing standards and medical industry benchmarks. In one recent case, an OEM saved:

Focused on the details during transition

Transition sourcing is more than just moving a part from one facility to another. The process requires a capable team that can oversee project management. We strategically plan the transition. Our process includes verifying and updating part documentation; inspecting each part against its corresponding drawing; reverse engineering of parts to create updated documentation, if necessary; examining tooling and fixture requirements; creating a production schedule; and moving existing machines and fixturing or developing new machines and fixturing.

Part inspection
Comparing part to engineering drawing
Leadership discussing part quality
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