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Precision Machining

Advanced precision-manufacturing capabilities

Medical OEMs turn to us for our high-speed CNC machining expertise at state-of-the-art FDA-registered facilities. Our teams are highly skilled in the production of intricate, difficult-to-manufacture, tight-tolerance medical parts, implants, components, and devices. Scalability is our core strength, with continual investments in our machines and automation.

Setting new standards in machining and finishing

We are committed to elevating our processes and manufacturing practices to comply with the medical industry’s evolving standards. Our certifications are proof that our quality management systems meet those required in the medical sector. We produce superior parts and components in a diverse range of materials and alloys using various optimized manufacturing processes and machining technologies.

Machinist on a cncn milling machine
Technology options for precision medical manufacturing

Achieving micro-intricacies with tight tolerances while machining medical-grade materials requires state-of-the-art equipment and a detail-oriented workforce. We are proud of the investments we have made at every ARCH Medical Solutions facility. Our CNC machining and inspection equipment ensures the highest-quality implants, instruments, devices, and components are manufactured precisely as specified.

5-axis milling
5-axis milling machine

Using 5-axis high-speed milling and multi-axis turning capabilities, we can manufacture complex components in a single setup. Such efficiencies are possible because multi-axis machines can move a part or a tool on different axes at the same time. The multi-directional capabilities of 5-axis machines allow the tool to smoothly follow a contoured surface, ensuring the most precise and accurate medical component possible while also reducing production costs, time, and—most importantly—potential errors.

Swiss multi-axis turning
Swiss machining

Our investments in a vast array of state-of-the-art Swiss multi-axis turning machines elevate our capability to manufacture accurate and precise components. Using Swiss multi-axis turning, our components can be accurately machined to measurements of micrometer precision. Swiss machines turn parts using a fast-rotating lathe that shaves the metal down to a specific size. A Swiss-type lathe feeds the stock through a guide. This means the turning tool can cut the stock nearer the point of support—no matter how long the workpiece—making the Swiss-type CNC particularly effective for long and slender turned parts.

Electro-discharge machining (EDM)

We invest in state-of-the-art EDM machining equipment to ensure implants, instruments, and components are manufactured to the highest levels of precision. Using EDM high-precision technology, we can achieve micro-intricacies with tight tolerances on the most challenging of medical-grade materials and the most complex of shapes. Orthopedic implants, instruments, navigated and robotic-assisted surgical devices, and components for state-of-the-art life sciences equipment can be precision-machined to customer specifications.

EDM Machine
EDM machine operator
Milling machine operator
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