Precision manufacturing of robotics components, end effectors

Surgical Robotics

Precision manufacturing of robotics components and end effectors

Robotic-assisted surgery is on the cutting edge of technological advancements in medicine. ARCH Medical Solutions provides industry-leading expertise for manufacturing components, subassemblies, and end effectors for OEMs of surgical robotic systems.

ISO 13485 certification
Precision gear cutting to within .0001”
Aluminum, stainless, plastics, high-nickel alloys
End effectors and instruments
Prototyping and MTO
Robotics components and gearing

The uncompromisingly accurate movements required for robotic-assisted surgery depend on the exact meshing of precision gears. We custom-cut flawless, tight-tolerance gears and critical components that meet the industry’s most demanding requirements. Continual investments in the latest precision gear-hobbing, shaping, and milling equipment allow us to machine a diverse range of tooth forms. We offer a variety of heat-treating processes to enhance wear properties and strengthen gear teeth.

  • Robotic components for medical applications
  • Precision gear cutting to within .0001”
  • Minimally invasive surgery components
  • End effectors and navigated instruments
  • Aluminum, stainless, plastics, high-nickel alloys
Gears for sugical robots
Compoents for surgical robotics
Gear compoent for surgical robotics
Precision components for surgical robotics
Component for surgical robotics
Motor housing for surgical robotics
Gear components for surgical robotics
End-effector components

ARCH Medical Solutions is much more than your trusted partner for precision machining of custom robotic components. Our expertise supports product development for a wide range of surgical instruments for robotic systems and navigated surgical applications. We operate multiple FDA-approved facilities that serve as premier contract manufacturers of surgical instruments, implants, and medical devices for industry-leading orthopedic and medical device companies.

  • Surgical instruments for robotic-assisted surgical systems
  • Navigated instruments for surgeon- and patient-specific applications
  • Cutting tools, including diamond-coated tooling
Production-quality prototype parts

Perfect for form studies, fit checks, and proof-of-concept testing, ARCH Medical Solutions specializes in providing fully functional, production-quality prototype parts. We machine prototypes according to your specifications, and can produce robotic gears and parts as large as 6 inches in length, 18 inches in width, 40 inches in height, and 23 inches in diameter. We have expertise in setting up flexible, lean work cells to provide highly configurable turnkey manufacturing for complex assemblies.

Machinist devloping prototype
Surgical robotic gears
Machinist on cnc turning machine
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